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Request to Upload Audio / Video Nohay

12112095_949444468427247_8108458991726048501_nYou can submit request for uploading Audio / Video nohay at Shiasoft Network websites, please compile a folder which contain album poster, title, audio and video tracks keep in mind that audio format should be mp3 and video format should be mp4.

Please don't send audio or video nohay in email, we only accept wetransfer, google drive or file uploading sharing services or youtube HD Links. 

How to Upload : 
Please forward your uploaded link of content or send us directly at :

Copyright & Publishing Rights :
if your sending us your content its mean your allowing us to upload the content on websites of Shiasoft Network and affilated Platform over Social Media.

Commerical Use :
Shiasoft Network promise to content owner and media agencies, we promise and consider it indiviual properties of owner interm using as commerical use, as so witness and matual agreement Shiasoft Network will not use the content in Commerical use.

Distribute over License : 
Following attached uploading content evidence or list, here by anyother organization submiting DMCA on content won't work out or Shiasoft Network will not down your content.


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